MSC CRUISES | SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS INFORMATION (MSC Cruises Fax 908.605.2600 | Phone: 954.772.6262)

Should you have Special Requirements, please review and complete this form. MSC Cruises will seek to the extent feasible to accommodate all requests. This information is necessary so that we are aware of any special requirements you have and may be provided to third parties, as needed.
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1 MSC's brochure indicates transfers are included with MSC packages. You may purchase transfers by contacting MSC Cruises at 800.666.9333.
2 Guests undergoing CAPD (Peritoneal Dialysis) must arrange for delivery of their own solutions and supplies to the vessel.
3 Service animals must have all required immunizations and paperwork.
4 The ship has oxygen for emergency use only. Guests requiring oxygen can make independent arrangements for their oxygen needs through CareVacations @ 877.478.7827.
5 Please bring your own wheelchairs as equipment on the ships is limited.
6 All electric mobility devices must have a gel or dry cell battery.